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Mogador Wanderers C.C. News Articles:

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(Posted: 22/11/2017)
Pippa Martin scoops first prize Emma Tharp takes second prize
(Posted: 17/10/2017)
Winner - Jono Richards - The Butcher of S'Algar Second - Richard "Tina" Turner
(Posted: 16/10/2017)
Winner - Ben "Faceman" Fairclough Second - Ali "Master" Brew
(Posted: 15/10/2017)
Winner - Ali "Make it Day" Lee Second - David "Action" Jackson
(Posted: 13/09/2017)
Mogs unable to raise a team, only 7 available players
(Posted: 02/08/2017)
1st Prize - no 36 - Angharad Tharp 2nd Prize - no 31 Georgie Fairclough
(Posted: 01/08/2017)
1st Prize, no. 33 Robert Hewitt 2nd Prize, no. 44 Pat Lewis
(Posted: 20/07/2017)
We are unable to raise a side due to a chronic shortage of available players
(Posted: 13/06/2017)
May 1st Prize - no.45 Amy Lewis May 2nd Prize - no. 26 Jamie Freeland
(Posted: 12/06/2017)
April 1st Prize - no.2 David Fawcus April 2nd Prize - no.26 Jamie Freeland