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(Posted: 28/04/2020)
Game off due to weather and player availability
(Posted: 15/06/2018)
We are unable to raise a team
(Posted: 05/02/2018)
For any Mogs that were not able to attend Allan's funeral last Friday, please take 5 minutes to read Peter Tharp's wonderful eulogy that he gave at the service
(Posted: 29/01/2018)
We can confirm that Allan Lewis’s funeral will be held at 1000 hrs. on Friday 2nd February at the Holy Family Church, Yorke Road, Reigate, RH2 9HF and afterwards at Old Reigatians Rugby Club
(Posted: 29/01/2018)
1st Prize - Charlie Lee 2nd Prize - Tom Jackson
(Posted: 28/01/2018)
1st Prize - John Moulton 2nd Prize - Mary Citron
(Posted: 22/11/2017)
Pippa Martin scoops first prize Emma Tharp takes second prize
(Posted: 17/10/2017)
Winner - Jono Richards - The Butcher of S'Algar Second - Richard "Tina" Turner
(Posted: 16/10/2017)
Winner - Ben "Faceman" Fairclough Second - Ali "Master" Brew
(Posted: 15/10/2017)
Winner - Ali "Make it Day" Lee Second - David "Action" Jackson